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Executive Summary

Educational Goal
Increase consumer knowledge about aging services and resources and opportunities for community engagement with an ultimate goal of increased planning activity for later stages of life.

Program Justification
Older people report a preference for aging in place. Despite knowledge of advanced life events that increase risk of relocation (e.g., falls), many older people reported a lack of planning for such events. In addition, evidence suggested that the risk of some advanced life events may be reduced. For example, home modifications may reduce the risk of falling. Beyond the need to address healthcare and housing needs, evidence suggested that purpose cultivation is an important component of well-being. Unfortunately, later stages of life are not often viewed as a period of growth or gain by both older people and society. Taken together, evidence suggested a need to provide community education grounded in more holistic representations of aging. This program model is designed to create a state-wide multi-community event that utilizes technology to reduce the barrier of time and distance to connecting the people of South Dakota with the knowledge and information needed to AGE in South Dakota. Each community will host on-site vendors and presentations to provide additional information and insight.

Target Audience
Adults in South Dakota.

Public and Private value
Adults who have planned for advanced life events may be more likely to aging in place. The public value of adults who are informed about aging issues is far reaching. Adults who are prepared to meet advanced life events may reduce the strain that is placed on public resources (e.g. Medicaid). The larger community benefits as well because family caregivers will be less likely to miss work when their loved ones are prepared to manage an accident or sudden illness.

Program Delivery
AGE uses technology to connect rural and urban communities for an educational event, allowing the unique knowledge and information available in more urban areas to be shared with people living in rural South Dakota. Each community will host in-person presentations and service providers introduce participants to educational ideas, inspire enlightening discussions, and plant seeds of hope and options for the aging experience. In addition, anyone in the state with internet connectivity can view the webcast, even if there isn’t an AGE event near them.

Key Contact
Leacey E. Brown, SDSU Extension Gerontology Field Specialist

Resources Needed

  • Local partners in rural communities.
  • AGE program lead (logistics coordinator) in each community.
  • Venue with broadband internet access.
  • Unbiased professionals to provide evidence based presentations.
  • Volunteers.
  • Services providers.
  • Funds to support printing, marketing, room rental, equipment rental (tables, chairs, etc.), refreshments, webcast, video production, and other miscellaneous expenses.
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