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Aging Gracefully Expo (AGE) 2018

AGE uses technology to connect rural and urban communities for an educational event, allowing the unique knowledge and information available in more urban areas to be shared with people living in rural South Dakota. Each community will host in-person presentations and service providers introduce participants to educational ideas, inspire enlightening discussions, and plant seeds of hope and options for the aging experience.

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Food & Families Impact Reports

SDSU Extension Food & Families program impacts strengthen, and contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness of the national work done by Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension. The program impacts described on this page provide a thorough picture of learning community and programmatic efforts provided by SDSU Extension Food & Families staff across South Dakota, further summarizing our accomplishments and their impact on our state, communities, families, and citizens.

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Food Safety

South Dakotans, constituents, and partners recognize SDSU Extension as a leading resource for food safety practices to maintain a safe and secure food system for SD and beyond our borders. Food producers, processors, retailers, and consumers of all ethnic groups involved in preparing and preserving food will adopt safe food handling practices that reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

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