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October 2012 Meeting


From your perspective, what are the challenges facing families in the next 2-5 years?

  • Food Safety in Concessions
  • Skills to prepare food at home/cook/purchasing – busy families, lack of resources/skills – target all families regardless of income
  • Generation of children who do not know how to cook/prepare foods
  • Increase in eating out – dollar menu selections
  • Aging population – average age of individuals in counties; chronic disease self management (arthritis, etc.); lack of access to medical care/long drive to seek care; not tech savvy; may lack resources compared to younger population; nutrition programs for seniors are struggling to get participation – more people aging, fewer using service; aging parents may not have children who are close by – may need to utilize more services/increase access to services
  • Communities with lack of access to food – food deserts
  • Schools – short staffed, lack of resources, meeting content standards, missing health education, time spent on nutrition and health education

How can SDSU Extension address these challenges?

  • Food Safety in Concessions – SD Department of Health
  • Aging Population – how to cook/prepare foods for chronic disease self-management
  • Cooking preparation – all ages
  • Integration – get information to people at every place that they go
  • Collaborate so no duplication and no gaps – efficient use of resources
  • Commitment to technology – good communication tool
  • Planning & solutions to deal with food desert issues

From your perspective, what are the opportunities facing families in the next 2-5 years?

  • Access to information through technology – ability to communicate with people we have never had before
  • Easy Recipe App – Garden Produce utilization app (Farmer’s Markets) – apps to compare food costs
  • Opportunities through apps to teach young children baking
  • Family Resource Management – all ages
    • Mental health aspects
    • Rural communities
  • Schools – model wellness policy requirements, gardens – student ownership/leadership
  • Harvest of the Month – combine with gardening efforts
  • Community Gardens – opportunity to help people learn how to preserve foods; canning is built-in convenience foods – new twist on how canning is marketed; other options like freezing and drying
  • School Nutrition – discussions around this topic to help educate community; showcase schools who are doing a great job
  • Election Year – new partnerships
  • Healthy Checkout Lines at Stores – expand work done with Munch Code
  • Farm to School at Concession Stands, School Lunch
  • Community Coalitions – improving nutrition and physical activity

How can SDSU Extension address these opportunities?

  • Look at the impact of cooking apps on real world application
  • Best practices for schools around nutrition and physical activity
  • Replicate activities done by Ground Works for school gardens
  • Collaborative efforts to promote school nutrition

What does success for South Dakota’s future look like?

  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Vibrancy of rural communities concerns
  • Still have whole gamut of ways people can live
  • More local food producers selling food in communities; families have more options for foods (grocery stores); needs to be convenient – Farmer’s Markets may not work for busy families
  • Entrepreneurship within communities
  • Bountiful Bundles food program
  • Reduce food insecurity

How can SDSU Extension partner with others to help ensure realization of this future?

  • Collaborating, using other partners/resource effectively
  • Farmer’s Market vouchers for limited resource audiences to purchase fruits and vegetables; more EBT options; expose audience to shopping at Farmer’s Markets

What role should SDSU Extension play in significant societal issues that impact families?

  • Hunger
  • Parenting
  • Aging
  • Relationships (technology and its role)
  • What will family look like 10 years from now?
  • Finances
  • Nutrition/Food Prep
  • Chronic Disease & Healthcare Costs
  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Early Habits to Lifelong Learning
  • Family Meals
  • Empowering/Educating Parents for Family Time

What societal issues are of critical importance?

  • Chronic Disease
  • Healthcare Costs


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