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Food Safety highlights a comprehensive array of programs that are offered to South Dakotans across the state.

Public Value Statement:

  • South Dakotans, constituents, and partners recognize SDSU Extension as a leading resource for food safety practices to maintain a safe and secure food system for SD and beyond our borders. Food producers, processors, retailers, and consumers of all ethnic groups involved in preparing and preserving food will adopt safe food handling practices that reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.


  • Increase knowledge and implementation of safe food handling practices at all levels of the food delivery system.
  • Increase knowledge and implementation of safe food handling.
  • Decrease risk of foodborne illnesses.

Short-term outcomes (6-12 months):

Increased knowledge, attitude, awareness, and skills related to the following:

  • Issues affecting the safety of the food supply (includes lack of food safety professionals).
  • Risks associated with unsafe food handling practices.
  • Food safety regulations impacting food entrepreneurs.
  • Relationships are established with partners and stakeholders.

Medium-term (1-3 years):

 A Safe Culture will be achieved through the following safe food handling practices and behaviors:

  • Reduce unsafe food handling behaviors that contribute to the risk of foodborne illness (implementing and/or adopting behaviors).
  • Food Entrepreneurs implement safe food handling practices based on current policies and regulations.
  • Strengthen undergraduate instruction to help students identify key concepts in food safety and agricultural sciences.
  • Fill a significant STEM gap in pre-requisite knowledge mandatory for students to succeed in science-and math-intensive undergraduate programs.
  • Food Safety issues will be addressed with partnerships that have evolved from relationships.

Long-term outcomes (3-5 years):

A Safe Food Culture will be maintained through the following practices:

  • South Dakotan’s will recognize Extension as a credible resource for food preservation/food safety information.
  • Food Safety related policies are created and/or implemented using SDSU Extension as a resource.
  • A partnership for food safety education will be sustained consisting of government agencies, academia, and industry (production, processing, retail, and home).
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