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Gerontology highlights a comprehensive array of programs that are offered to South Dakotans across the state.

Public Value Statement:

  • Our aging programs focus on improving individual and community quality of life by promoting the use of technology and internet, increasing accessibility and usability of technology and internet based resources, preparing communities and individuals to meet the opportunities and challenges of an aging population, and develop interactions across generations.


  • Growing South Dakota by facilitating aging in the home and the community.

Short-term outcomes (0-12 months):

  • Increase individual and community knowledge about potential impacts of an increase in the number of adults over the age of 65.
  • Increase technology and internet skills among adults.
  • Increase knowledge of older adult (65+) experiences using the SDSU Extension web platform.
  • Increase knowledge about the mutual benefits of intergenerational interactions.

Medium-term outcomes (1-3 years):

  • Communities identify opportunities and challenges associated with an increase in the number of adults over the age of 65 in their community and initiate efforts to address identified needs.
  • Individuals and families prepare for aging at the individual level (e.g. advances care planning, caregiving, home modifications, etc.)
  • Increase the number of adults who use technology and the internet to access goods and services.
  • Modify the SDSU Extension web platform based on the findings of research study.
  • Develop programs across Extension that include an intergenerational component.

Long-term outcomes (3-5 years):

  • Individuals and communities will implement change to meet the opportunities and challenges of an aging population in both their individual community and family.
  • Increase the number of adults using technology and the internet to remain in their home and community as they grow older.
  • Develop recommendation for other organizations in South Dakota who are trying to enhance their web presence for older audiences.
  • Adults experience enhances emotional and physical well-being, reducing their risk of isolation.
  • Youth enter professions related to meeting the needs of older adults and their families.
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