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Update on U.S. “Ag Gag” Laws

During the October 3rd Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding “ag gag” litigation in the United States were shared. Dave Aiken, Agricultural Law Specialist with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discussed the most recent farm animal legislation trends and cases, which states are involved, and considerations for the sensitive topics.

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Fifth Anniversary of Western South Dakota Blizzard

As we remember the fifth anniversary of the winter storm and blizzard that occurred on October 3–5, 2013 (which some call Winter Storm Atlas), the event provides a reminder that it is time to begin preparation and planning for winter weather events that can occur from now through May.

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Antibiotic Stewardship: Product Handling

Animal health product handling and storage was the topic for the September 5th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar. Rob Eirich, Nebraska Extension Beef Educator and Director of Beef Quality Assurance, shared his tips and recommendations for implementing good stewardship while handling animal health products, such as antibiotics and vaccines.

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Parasite Management: Stewardship Tips & Research

Parasite management for cattle and sheep was the topic for the August 1st Animal Care Wednesday Webinar. Mike Hildreth, Professor of Biology and Microbiology with South Dakota State University, shared his expertise regarding research findings and ways to be a good steward when implementing parasite control methods on farms and ranches.

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