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Finding the Best Within Your Herd Through Calf Performance

Variations occur in every cowherd. When evaluating the cowherd, many producers would say they have a uniform bunch of females while others know there is a wide array of variations with their herd. Cattle should meet the producer’s goal(s), so they may have a specific breed, size and mating program to achieve a profitable operation.

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Odor Management Planning: Survey of producers and the general public

Odor can be an important point of discussion during livestock development projects across our state. Ms. Suraiya Akter is a Master’s Degree Student in the SDSU Ag & Biosystems Engineering Department. She is developing an odor management plan template for voluntary adoption in the state of South Dakota with her advisors Drs. Erin Cortus and Joe Darrington.

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Possible Prussic Acid and Alkaloid Issues in Reed Canary Grass

Reed canary grass and its many subtypes are a common introduced/planted and native/wild grass in South Dakota that is often associated with wetland edges, saturated soils, and occasionally on moist to dry slopes extending out from wet or saturated soils.

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