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Grazing Management Strategy: Combating drought and increasing long-term economic profit

Grasslands in the U.S. are threatened by overgrazing, increasingly frequent and severe drought, and land use change. It is therefore vital for grassland managers to maintain resilient ecosystems while optimizing long-term economic returns.

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Salvaging Drought Stressed Corn in Mid-Summer

As drought conditions deepen in South Dakota and the surrounding region, many producers are evaluating the status of their corn crop and feed supplies. In some instances the likelihood of corn making a harvestable grain crop is so low that the best option is to take an early forage harvest.

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Hot Weather Challenges Beef Cattle

Hot weather conditions create challenges for grazing beef cattle. Animals need to meet their energy requirements while maintaining the balance between internal heat production and the environmental heat load. There are several physiological means for the body to dissipate heat, however those that involve body mechanisms result in increased energy maintenance requirements.

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Supplementing Cows on Pasture to Stretch Forage Supplies

With dry conditions spreading quickly across the Dakota’s, producers are forced to make challenging decisions on how many cow/calf pairs to turn out to pasture, and then determine how long the pastures will even last if moisture doesn’t come soon. During the spring/summer months, supplementing grass with energy and protein can decrease forage dry matter consumption.

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