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Livestock Windbreak Design Principles and Resources

Windbreaks, both constructed and planted, can improve conditions for livestock in windy and cold conditions. Increasing the effective temperature that an animal is exposed to during cold weather keeps them comfortable, more efficient users of feed, and at a lower risk of cold stress which can lead to disease.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: General Principles of Grazing Management (11 of 31)

Grazing involves a number of variables, including: carrying capacity of the land, type and distribution of the livestock, water distribution, and number of pastures. A combination of both proper grazing techniques and grassland management will improve harvest efficiency and lower production costs.

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Spring Storms and Cold Stress

Cold stress with cattle is often associated with below zero temperatures, especially in South Dakota. In reality, cattle that are adapted to the cold conditions found in northern plains winters can function and perform well under a wide range of conditions. Under dry conditions with a heavy winter hair cost, a mature cow can tolerate temperatures down into the teens, especially if she has some wind protection.

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