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Healthy Grasslands Series: Winter Grazing (20 of 31)

The predominant factor in winter grazing is ensuring adequate forage availability while considering overall long-term range health and maintenance. When managed correctly, grazing winter range can be a viable option for controlling feed costs and ensuring herd health without negatively impacting rangelands.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Grazing Contracting (19 of 31)

For those who own grasslands not typically grazed or for those looking for a better contract basis, there are several grazing contract options that can be explored. Typically, grazing contracts are based on an annual cash per-acre rental system, where the livestock lessee pays the landowner a pre-determined per-acre price for access to the pasture for the grazing season.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Fertilizing Grasslands (18 of 31)

Grassland fertilization, like many other grassland management topics, is highly dependent on certain parameters such as soil type, vegetation type, and harvest methods. Native plant communities that are appropriately grazed will not benefit from the addition of commercial fertilizers.

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How to Pick the Perfect Steak

As grilling season is getting into full swing many grillers are in search of the perfect steak. With so many different options out there it’s good to have plan before you head out to shop. Type of steak is a personal choice so if you know your preferences for flavor, tenderness or marbling that’s a good place to start. If you’re unsure we’ve put together a quick guide for finding the perfect steak to try.

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