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Grassland Management Do’s and Don’ts: Introduction

This is the first in a series of iGrow articles that will be dedicated the issues and questions addressing the variety of questions we receive related to establishing, re-establishing, and maintaining grass-based plantings for grazing, hay, wildlife, and recreation.

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Minimizing Losses and Maximizing Silage Value

If beef producers lose 20% or more of their herd, how upset would they be? How about a corn farmer that lost 20% of a standing cornfield to pests or some other natural disaster? In both cases, it would be fair to say that there would be many questions about why those losses occurred, and how to prevent them in the future.

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Review Ruminant Nutrition and Feeding Practices

During the July 5th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, we discussed reminders for ruminant nutrition and choosing economical management practices. Alfredo DiCostanzo, Professor of Beef Cattle Nutrition & Management with the University of Minnesota, presented general reminders of ruminant nutrition and valuable considerations for feeding management.

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Grano de Destilería en las dietas del ganado: Energía por carencia

Los granos de destilería de maíz (DDGS) son valorados por los nutricionistas de rumiantes debido a su alta concentración en nutrientes. Durante la producción de etanol, la mayor parte del almidón del maíz es fermentado lo que lleva a que casi se triplique la concentración del resto de sus nutrientes.

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Rabbit Care and Feeding Tips

During the August 2nd Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, we had a great discussion about rabbit care and nutrition management. Mike Avesing, American Rabbit Breeders Association judge and rabbit breeder, presented not only the basics of rabbit nutrition, but also covered tips and considerations to raise rabbits for show or commercial markets.

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Reminders for Cattle Transport

An accident involving a cattle truck in Indiana on July 11th sheds light on how quickly the beef industry hits the media spotlight. In this specific case, creating a less than desirable outcome for agriculture. As summer heat and drought conditions push potential weaning dates ahead on the calendar many cattlemen may start to feel crunched for time and become overwhelmed by the management decisions they need to make.

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