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Grass Tetany Concerns

While the quick green-up on spring pastures is the first risk factor that comes to mind for grass tetany, regrowth during warm fall weather can be a culprit, too. Grass tetany is a metabolic disorder that is associated with lush pastures due to low levels of blood magnesium concentration, which results in nerve impulse failure and death, if not treated very quickly.

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Breaking Down Winter Supplement Options

Each fall, winter cow feeding and supplementation questions roll in. Oftentimes the questions pertain to determining the most economical option that meets cow nutrient requirements. With the multitude of products and options available, this can be a daunting task. Additionally, no two situations are alike, no two years are identical and there is no one size fits all product. Adjustments to the winter feeding program may needed from year to year-based on forage quality and availability. 

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Update on U.S. “Ag Gag” Laws

During the October 3rd Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding “ag gag” litigation in the United States were shared. Dave Aiken, Agricultural Law Specialist with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, discussed the most recent farm animal legislation trends and cases, which states are involved, and considerations for the sensitive topics.

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Fifth Anniversary of Western South Dakota Blizzard

As we remember the fifth anniversary of the winter storm and blizzard that occurred on October 3–5, 2013 (which some call Winter Storm Atlas), the event provides a reminder that it is time to begin preparation and planning for winter weather events that can occur from now through May.

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