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We hope you have enjoyed this article series as a brief introduction to the various aspects of sound grassland management. We understand there is a great deal to consider in planning and implementation, and we know from experience that it can be overwhelming to tackle all aspects of grassland management at one time. We urge you to consider taking a step-by-step approach to grassland management.

The first step in that process is to get educated. You’ve taken a big step in reviewing these articles. Your next step is to expose yourself to a variety of grassland resources such as websites, books, articles, tours, seminars, events, and the like. Contrary to what you may believe, a great deal of grassland best management practices are not intuitive, they need to be taught and learned and exposure to a variety of sources will help you learn.

Finally, seek out one or more mentors who can help you on your journey toward improved grassland management. While not required, a good mentor should be someone who is local, knowledgeable, connected, innovative, willing to listen, and willing to share his or her successes and failures. The South Dakota Grassland Coalition is rich with such individuals in our leadership, our membership, and our partners.

Take some time to visit the South Dakota Grassland Coalition website to get started on your journey.

The Healthy Grasslands article series is provided by the South Dakota Grassland Coalition in partnership with SDSU Extension. Contributing editors: Sandy Smart (SDSU Extension Rangeland Management Specialist), Pete Bauman (SDSU Extension Range Field Specialist), and Joshua Lefers (South Dakota Grassland Coalition Board Member, 2015–2017). © South Dakota Grassland Coalition 2017. View the full document for more information.

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