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Written by B. Lynn Gordon (former SDSU Extension Agricultural Leadership Specialist).

Leaders are learners, always striving to learn more and not settling for the status quo. An excellent learning opportunity is now available for beef producers to learn more about the product they produce, or brush up on some of the production facts, beef labeling issues, beef inspection and grading along with the latest knowledge available to the beef industry. As a result you not only become more knowledgeable about the latest data and industry insights of beef production, but learning more about your product will enhance your ability to be a well-spoken beef industry advocate with the ability to inform consumers on their critical current questions and issues.

Beef U: Free online training program

The national beef checkoff has announced the launch of a re-vamped Beef University – or Beef U – a free, online training program about one of America’s favorite proteins, including insights and research on marketing and selling beef. Each section of the training will take about 15-20 minutes to complete with a brief quiz at the end of each module. Additional resources are also available to producers at the completion of each module.

With consumers interested in the way agricultural products are grown, such as beef, this online training program with equip you as a producer or someone associated with the beef industry, agri-business or agriculture the opportunity to review the latest industry information. You can become a leader within your industry to promote and educate others about beef. As a beef industry leader this program is also helpful to grocery retailers and foodservice operators and you can be the link to make your customers aware of this educational opportunity.

Topics Covered

Topics include: Raising Beef; Nutrition and Health; Beef Basics and Cuts and the Modern Consumer. For example the section on raising beef addresses producer’s commitment to animal welfare and equips you with strategies to help answer customer/consumer questions about beef production. In the Modern Consumer module, the latest research is presented on how today’s consumers make the decision to purchase beef and their approaches to shopping, information which can be helpful to know as a beef producers trying to meet the consumer’s needs.

More Information

The Beef U online training is offered free. However, users will be prompted to register before they can view the content and join the Beef U online community. This training program is funded by the beef checkoff program. For more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit

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