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Equine Gastric Ulcers: Diet and management interventions

Gastric ulcers are sores that occur inside the stomach when its lining has become damaged. Horses are subject to ulcers due to their compound stomach. These ulcers can become life-threatening if not managed or treated. While short-term interventions for gastric ulcers such as medication are available, managing the horse’s diet, along with other management strategies, is key to reducing the long-term risk of ulcers.

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Recognizing Concussions in Horseback Riders

Equestrian head injuries are often more severe and require more treatment than other types of horse-related injuries. It is important to take measures to protect against these injuries. Being aware that concussions and other head injuries can occur is a first step towards getting help for riders that have had an accident or fall.

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Horse Nutrition Basics on a Budget

During the June 7th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, basic equine nutrition on a budget was the topic. Dr. Bob Coleman, Equine Extension Specialist with University of Kentucky, discussed the various considerations horse owners should evaluate when making feed decisions since feed costs are the major portion of the annual cost of a horse.

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Stall Flooring for the Equine Barn

An equine facility that is energy efficient, safe, labor efficient, and economically possible is desirable. To achieve each of these qualities one must consider the facility in terms of each of its smaller segments, such as flooring, stall design, arena footing, fencing and building materials. After researching the possibilities, the builder has the ability to select the best possible combination for the facility. 

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