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Photo by: American Horse Publications © 2014

This article was written by Danielle Busselman under the direction and review of Dr. Rebecca Bott.

SDSU Student, Danielle Busselman was selected by American Horse Publications to participate in this years Gallop N’ Grits event. The following is Danielle’s account of her experience.

Every year the American Horse Publications organization hosts a special event to unite all the current members. This year, Gallop N’ Grits was hosted in Charleston, South Carolina from June 19-21.

The main purpose of this reunion is to update and educate the participants in equine journalism. To accomplish this, AHP invites numerous professionals in the field to provide educational presentations for the attendees. Among this year’s chosen speakers were Rebecca Wesson Darwin (CEO and President, Garden and Gun), Vanessa Gregory (Professor of Journalism, University of Mississippi), Aaron Wesley Means, Fran Jurga, and Carolina Nuttall (Founder of CHARLIE). Each gave presentations on the every-changing career of journalism, and how people on this career path can excel while writing.

Along with seminars, attendees also gathered for several “meet and greets”, and networking socials held at the hotel. The opportunity to socialize with several equine authors including Lisa Wysocky, and Cindy Johnson was greatly appreciated. In addition to the authors, editors from equine magazines such as Horse Illustrated, Horse and Rider, and the Reiner were also available.

Charleston offered beautiful site-seeing opportunities to partake in while taking breaks from the conference. One option offered to the attendees was a tour of the historic sites via carriage rides. Other opportunities for tourists included the main street window shopping, strolling along a path that caressed the bay, visiting beautiful park sites by fountains, and of course enjoying the fresh sea food the city has to offer.

Overall, the opportunity to attend this conference was greatly appreciated. Not only did it aid in making helpful connections, but the speakers also provided extremely useful advice in how to succeed in the competitive world of equine journalism. The AHP is an incredible organization that seeks to educate those interested in writing on equine topics, and acknowledges that students are the future of this career.  Encouragement offered by the professionals of AHP is greatly appreciated by students such as myself seeking to become involved in this career field.

About the Author

Danielle Busselman is studying communications and equine science and looks forward to a career in writing for an equine publication.          

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