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This article was written collaboratively by Dr. Rebecca Bott, Shelby Denker, Lea Puckett and Dr. Bob Thaler.

Thirty-one students and five faculty members from SDSU shared an amazing study abroad experience in China and Hong Kong from May 12-25th. This group, comprised of several horse enthusiasts had the opportunity to tour the Hong Kong Racing Museum and field. The track, located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, is a beautifully manicured track, which wraps around many soccer fields, and is less than two hundred feet away from countless skyscrapers. Presently, the track supports many thoroughbred races each year.

The following is a detail of the experience from SDSU students Lea Puckett and Shelby Denker:

  • We went to visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club at the Happy Valley Race Track Happy Valley is an area of Hong Kong that is very luxurious and has nicer homes and stores. The Hong Kong Jockey Club was established in 1884, but people of the area were racing long before then. The Hong Kong Jockey Club actually contributed greatly to the Hong Kong Ocean Park (a large amusement park), which was formed in 1977 and managed by the club until 1987. The Hong Kong Jockey Club first started racing horses that were crossed with Arabian stallions and the native Chinese "running" horse breed. We toured a museum that showed the Club’s history; it was interesting to see horse racing being so prominent in Asia. In the museum was the skeleton of the racehorse "Silver-lining," the first horse in Hong Kong to win a million dollars. We went out to the horse-racing track located right outside the museum. It was interesting to see a racetrack in the middle of the clustered city. There were actually several soccer fields (The Hong Kong Football Club), a basketball court, and a running track within the horse-racing track itself.
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