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Healthy Grasslands Series: Mentoring & Education (31 of 31)

We hope you have enjoyed this article series as a brief introduction to the various aspects of sound grassland management. We understand there is a great deal to consider in planning and implementation, and we know from experience that it can be overwhelming to tackle all aspects of grassland management at one time.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Managing & Protecting Grasslands for the Future (30 of 31)

Grasslands are a valuable resource for South Dakota, and many of our core industries rely on the perpetuation of healthy grasslands for agriculture, recreation, and tourism. In addition, many other natural resources, such as wildlife and water quality are intrinsically tied to grassland health.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Drought Planning (27 of 31)

A drought plan will be an essential component to your overall grazing plan as it provides guidance in making decisions during critical times when forage may be lacking. Generally, a drought plan will identify certain 'triggers', including calendar dates (that you determine) when critical management decisions are to be reviewed.

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Healthy Grasslands Series: Estimating Livestock Consumption (24 of 31)

When planning a grazing strategy, it is important to carefully assess goals and objectives and then match those goals and objectives with the appropriate livestock. It is critical that the manager understand that not all livestock are created equal.

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