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This article was written collaboratively by Erin Cortus and Kevin Janni, University of Minnesota.

Covers reduce odor and gas emissions from manure storage units by creating a barrier between the odor source and air blowing by above the source. Impermeable covers can reduce emissions by 90 percent or more.

Whether you are considering a cover as an odor reduction method for your facility, or simply want to better understand how they work, a short 10-min video provides an overview on their use, costs and expected benefits. The video can be accessed through YouTube or by viewing the embedded video below. This video and others are also available on the page Manure Covers and Biofilters for Managing Odor and Air Emissions.

For more in-depth information on manure storage covers, three factsheets are available that summarize the science, costs and management considerations for both permeable and impermeable manure storage covers:

Manure Storage Covers, Odors, and Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations

If you have questions, please contact Erin Cortus at 605.688.5144.

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