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This article was written collaboratively by Erin Cortus and Kevin Janni, University of Minnesota.

When it comes to assessing air quality around a livestock facility, there are a lot of different tools and techniques to consider. A short, 10-min video produced by the University of Minnesota provides a starting point for the discussion and analysis of odor impact. The video presents multiple perspectives and includes comments from producers, medical doctors and people with experience dealing with livestock odors and gas emissions.

The video can be accessed through YouTube or by viewing the embedded video below. This video and others are also available on the page Managing Odors, Neighbor Relations, and Estimating Setbacks for Animal Feeding Operations.

For a more in-depth approach to odor and airborne emission management, including odor source identification, and an overview of mitigation techniques and technologies, a factsheet on Airborne Emissions Sources and Management on Animal Agriculture Production Systems is also available.

Neighbors, Odors and Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations

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