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Written collaboratively by Shannon Sand and Jack Davis.

There is considerable variation in land values within each Region and for each non-irrigated agricultural land use. For example, 2017 cropland values in the East-Central region vary from an average of $4,186 (in the Sanborn, Davison, Hanson and Kingsbury cluster) per-acre for low-productivity cropland to $9,025 (Minnehaha-Moody cluster) per-acre for high-productivity cropland. At the other extreme, the average value of low productivity cropland in the Northwest region is $1,100 compared to $1,525 per-acre for high-productivity cropland.

Cropland Values

The weighted average value of South Dakota's non-irrigated cropland (as of February 2017) is $3,903 per-acre, a 4.7% decrease from 2016. This is the third year in the 27-year history of the survey that average cropland values have declined.

Regional cropland values tend to gather in three groups. The highest cropland values are found in the East-central and Southeast regions with average values of $6,160 and $5,569 per-acre, respectively. The second cropland value group consists of the Northeast, North-central, and Central regions with average cropland values varying from $4,654 to $3,291 per-acre. Cropland values are considerably lower in the third group which contains the three regions west of the Missouri River. As of February 2017, per-acre cropland values averaged $2,203 in the South-central region, $1,427 in the Southwest and $1,142 in the Northwest region (Figure 1).

Cropland values from 2016 to 2017 had the largest decreases in the North-Central and Central regions -$147 and - $552, respectively. Overall, the state average cropland value decreased $191.

Pasture Values
(all grass acres compared to rangeland values)

In February 2017, the value of South Dakota pasture averaged $1,215 per-acre, a 0.6% decrease compared to rangeland values from 2016.   

Pasture values also gathered into three regional groups. Average pasture values are highest in the East-central and Southeast regions ($2,546 and $2,450 per-acre, respectively). Pasture values in the next regional group (Northeast, North-central and Central regions) varied from $1,914 in the North-central region to $2,089 per-acre in the North-east region. The lowest pasture values per-acre occur in the western side of the state varying from $650 northwest, $1,150 in the South-central region, $887 in the Southwest region (Figure 1). Figure 1 shows that substantial variation in per-acre land values occur by degree of land productivity for each land use in each region.

Figure 1. Average value of South Dakota cropland and pasture/rangeland, by Region, February 2017, dollars per acre.

Crop: All non-irrigated cropland including alfalfa
Pasture: All grassland

More Information

For more information, view the South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends, 1991–2017 or contact an SDSU Extension expert:

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