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2016 Agriculture & Natural Resources Impact Report

During 2016 crop season South Dakota experienced moderate to dry condition across much of its landscape which had some thinking of a repeat of previous droughts. During early August the U.S. Drought Monitor showed over 50% of South Dakota in moderate drought or worse. About 9% of the state was in severe drought, and 5% in extreme drought.

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2015 Livestock Impact Reports

During 2014 cattle production suffered a more or less generalized nationwide retraction. South Dakota was seventh in the country in cattle and calves on farms trailing closely Iowa and Missouri. Then again, when cattle and calves on farms are considered per capita South Dakota leads the country with roughly 4.3 animals per person. The economic impact of the livestock industry in South Dakota is very significant.

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Sustaining the Legacy 2008-2012

Agriculture is the backbone of the rural economy and in order to remain a vital component the current aging population of farmers and ranchers will need to transition their operations to the next generation of producers. By creating active plans that enable them to pass the farm business on to their own children or others that want to begin farming, a larger percentage of the traditional taxes and fees associated with estate distribution can be reinvested into the operation instead of being a costly expense for the family. As younger producers are able to continue farming and ranching they return to small towns where their children will attend the local school, local main street businesses maintain a customer base and churches remain viable.

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Growing Ag CEOs is an education opportunity for producers to continue to grow and develop their skills. The goals of this program are to equip producers with the management, financial and strategic planning tools to help them thrive in the agriculture industry well into the future. Producers in South Dakota excel at production practices, however with the changing economic times, management and financial skills are more critical to the continued success of farms and ranches.

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