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A school sponsored by SDSU Extension teaching the principles of artificial insemination will be held during the spring of 2014. The objective of the program will be to provide cattle producers with the knowledge and skills required so that they can implement reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination and estrous synchronization into their operations. The target audience for this program will be cattle producers, predominately beef, that wish to implement AI into their management system.

In a typical year, there are a very limited number of opportunities for a cattle producer to receive training in artificial insemination. In 2013, there were inquiries from producers from five states that wished to participate in an AI school offered by SDSU Extension. Artificial insemination offers producers the opportunity to access highly proven, superior genetics that would be much more expensive to utilize by natural service, if those bulls would be available at all. Increasing the use of AI and other reproductive technologies will positively affect the bottom line of a cow/calf operation. More profitable cow/calf businesses producing higher value calves will in turn result in greater economic activity throughout the economy of South Dakota.

The school will be limited to 20 participants per session. A combination of hand-on activities and informal classroom settings will be utilized. We also propose producing short video segments which can be used to supplement the classroom teaching and which can also serve as an additional resource for clientele looking to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

The program will be taught by Dr. George Perry, Beef Reproductive Specialist; and Warren Rusche, Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist.

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