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Educational Goals:

To understand the broad scope of producer/manager needs and to design education/skills programs and workshops that will meet those needs

Program Justification:

SD grasslands are a major natural resource and economic base for our livestock and recreation industries. Advancing a culture of grassland 'investment' is likely the path to long-term grassland sustainability and improvement.

Target Audience:

Private grassland owners/managers, public grassland managers, and youth

Public and Private Value:

Public and private value of South Dakota's grasslands are inextricably intertwined. Both the public and private sector are dependent on vibrant and productive grasslands to sustain our livestock and recreational industries.

Program Delivery:

Program delivery will be accomplished through traditional and non-traditional methods including but not limited to: workshops, seminars, webinars, articles, radio, vidoe, podcasts, professional papers, and participation in partner events.

Resources Needed:

Resource needs are variable and dependent on individual program needs.

Key Contacts:

Pete Bauman

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