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This article was written by Ashley Gelderman, former SDSU Extension Swine Field Specialist.

The educational goals of the project are to make everyone involved in the swine industry aware of any disease that can cost producers livestock, time, emotional hardship, and in the big picture, revenue. We also want to showcase how the disease can be transmitted, therefore allowing it to be stopped at the source and reduce its spread in infecting other farms. This communication effort will be done through presentations at invited speaking engagements, face-to-face communication, e-mail, phone calls as well as articles.

Currently, there are no other projects in the state that are looking at ways to map any disease in the swine industry and furthermore setting-up a communication system that is easily accessible to all of those involved. This project would allow for producers to relay their site status (farm) for any disease so that the proper steps in biosecurity can be done which will stop the disease from spreading and causing more economic turmoil.

The active participants of this project would be swine producers, employees, allied industry representatives, (pharmaceutical, genetic, feed) and veterinarians.

The value of this program will decrease the cost of production for the producers as animals will remain healthy, which will decrease the need of pharmaceuticals.

Everyone in the swine industry knows that healthy pigs grow better and this lowers the bottom line cost for producers. With more pigs coming to the market, the swine industry in the state will grow, adding more jobs, and harvested grains will be fed to livestock in South Dakota.

This program will be delivered through a variety of methods including monthly meetings, presentations, monthly bulletins, articles, and public speaking presentations.Resources for this project are minimal as any additional software programs have been provided to the coordinator.

The project coordinator is a swine field specialist for South Dakota State University Extension. Extension's role is to provide educational and timely material to the people in our state.

This program will provide everyone involved in the swine industry (producers, allied industry, veterinarians) up-to-date information on any disease outbreaks, ways to reduce the spread, and knowledge gained from these outbreaks.   

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