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This article was written with contributions from Dave Ollila, SDSU Extension Sheep Field Specialist

Welcome to iGrow Sheep!

The purpose of the iGrow Sheep website is to provide easy access to SDSU Extension for educational sheep information, research based recommendations, event scheduling and up-to-date industry news. iGrow Sheep has 5 specific categories: Range Flock, Farm Flock, Youth, Sheep 101 (Basic) and Industry News & Events. The primary authors for material posted on iGrow Sheep include SDSU Extension staff Jeff Held, Dave Ollila and Megan Nielson. As iGrow Sheep expands other contributing expert authors and industry links will be added to the site. User suggestions are welcome!

Specific Categories:

  • Range Flock - Primarily extensive production systems, emphasis on wool production, feeder lambs and grazing systems
  • Farm Flock – Focused on intensive management systems, emphasis on many aspects of lamb production systems. 
  • Youth - Provide youth project members guidance to develop skills and gain knowledge.
  • Sheep 101 - Basic knowledge of raising sheep, centered on producers with limited experience yet useful to anyone.  
  • Industry News & Events –  Provide updates on key industry topics and events including SDSU extension sponsored programming events.

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) has recently announced the national initiative “Let’s Grow with 2Plus”.  The primary goals are focused on rebuilding the US sheep flock to support domestic and export demand for lamb and wool, and to strengthen industry infrastructure. The goals of “2Plus” focus on improving flock efficiency, increasing flock size and attracting new producers to the industry. The SDSU Extension Sheep staff is fully committed to support the industry “2Plus” initiative.  Producer education and mentorship programs are essential components in “2Plus”, SDSU iGrow Sheep will serve a pivotal role in South Dakota Extension Sheep educational programming and services available to the industry.

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