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Producers Should Document Livestock Losses

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PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) reminds producers who have lost livestock during the recent blizzard to document losses.  Proper documentation is critical to ensure processing of potential claims.

“This early season, record setting blizzard is devastating to our producers and our thoughts are with them,” said Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch. “We are working to coordinate with ag industry stakeholders to establish and execute a response plan.”

SDDA is working closely with the Office of Emergency Management, Animal Industry Board, Brand Board and Governor’s Office on recovery efforts.

Producers should document all livestock losses with pictures, vaccination and hauling receipts, or any other records for possible future use in disaster relief programs.  Third-party verification of losses is recommended.  If you have questions regarding livestock identification, please contact the South Dakota Brand Board at 605.773.3324.

Third party verification is critical to having the documentation needed for possible future disaster payments. It is best if documentation is signed and dated by both the verifier and the producer. Verifiers can be a number of agencies or groups including SDSU Extension staff, veterinarians, sheriff or deputies, brand inspectors, emergency management officers, sale barn representatives, or neighbors to name few. Verifiers cannot be a member of immediate family or regular hired labor for the producer or ranch.   Recognizing travel and access are difficult to nearly impossible in many situations, getting another party out to the losses sometimes cannot be achieved. In the past there have been other methods of justifying losses from third party information, such as vet records, sale barn receipts, bank forms, etc., but doing all the documentation possible now is very important. Photos may also be an option.

Affected producers should contact their local county emergency manager listed below. 

Bennett County Jeff Siscoe 605.685.5994
Butte County Martha Wierzbicki 605.569.2766
Corson County Brad Schell 605.273.4481
Custer County Mike Carter 605.673.8152
Fall River County Frank Maynard 605.745.7562
Haakon County Lola Roseth 605.567.3515
Harding County Kathy Glines 605.375.3313
Jackson County Jackie Stilwell 605.488.0334
Jones County Angie Kinsley 605.669.7101
Lawrence County Paul Thomson 605.578.2122
Meade County Angella Sutton 605.347.7623
Mellette County Karen O’Brien 605.259.3371
Pennington County Dustin Willett 605.394.2185
Perkins County Kelly Serr 605.244.5243
Shannon County Frank Maynard 605.745.7562
Todd County Kara Walking 605.429.3246
Ziebach County Mike Burgee 605.365.5129

The South Dakota Animal Industry Board (AIB) will be coordinating disposal of livestock carcasses. Brand Board inspectors will be involved in identifying livestock and livestock carcasses. 

For carcass disposal information, contact the AIB at 605.773.3321. Disposal guidelines are available online.

Individuals experiencing disaster-related stress should contact a local community health provider or call Youth and Family Services in Rapid City at 605.342.4195 or 605.342.4870. More information is also available online.

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