TeachSD Toolkit

TeachSD Toolkit



This toolkit is a comprehensive package, including all the necessary information to implement or enhance an existing technology training program in your community. The toolkit consists of the Intergenerational Technology Program Implementation Guide, the Volunteer Technology Trainer Orientation Guide, the Orientation Videos, and in-design templates for program customization. 


Volunteer Technology Trainer Orientation Overview

What makes TeachSD unique is its emphasis on preparing younger people to teach Adult Learners. Participants learn to differentiate between aging and disability, increase understanding of learning styles, and learn strategies to teach Adult Learners. This foundational knowledge equips Volunteer Technology Trainers to be more effective teachers.


The orientation is accomplished using the flipped learning strategy. Participants are asked to watch three short videos prior to attending the in-person experiential learning session. The experiential learning session reinforces lessons learned during the videos and sensitizes volunteers to the challenges Adult Learners may face as they learn. The experiential learning session has been designed so that it can be accomplished in a single class period.


Target audience

Volunteer Technology Trainers: The target audience for volunteers is younger people between the ages of 14 to 24, but volunteers of other ages are welcome.


Adult Learners: The target audience is adults over the age of 50, who have questions about technology. However, all adults can benefit from technology lessons.


Purchasing the Curriculum

With your purchase, you will receive an electronic copy of the Intergenerational Technology Program Implementation Guide, the Volunteer Technology Trainer Orientation Guide, the Orientation Videos, and In-Design templates. Current versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe In-Design and Microsoft PowerPoint are required to access the files. Once you have placed your order and completed the checkout process, the files will be available for download in your account within 3 business days. Please direct questions related to the status of your order to iGrow.



The Volunteer Technology Trainers Orientation requires equipment that is not included in the TeachSD Toolkit, including, low vision simulators, hearing loss simulators, disposalable gloves, and masking tape. The Toolkit provides guidance on securing these items. The estimated cost is $50 per set. Six sets are recommended. 


South Dakota and North Dakota residents have access to this equipment at no-cost. To learn more about checking out the equipment, please contact Leacey E. Brown

  • Online Training Videos
  • Introduction to Aging
  • Introduction to Learning Styles
  • Advanced Teaching Technology 


Program Model

The TeachSD Toolkit provides guidance on implementing a technology program built around individualized lessons. Therefore, it does not include any curriculum for teaching specific pieces of technology. Instead, it relies on the technology acumen of volunteers. TeachSD focuses on enhancing the teaching skills of Volunteer Technology Trainers. 


Reviewer: Jane Strommen, Ph.D., NDSU Extension Gerontology Field Specialist 


Funding: The TeachSD Toolkit was developed with the generous support of Grantmakers in Aging and the South Dakota Community Foundation. 


Making an Impact

Approximately 250 people have been directly affected by the pilot of this project as either Adult Learners, Volunteer Technology Trainers, Site Coordinators, or Volunteer Coordinators. Beyond those directly impacted, Adult Learners have reported increased communication with members of their family using technology. For example, an older woman reported that she now communicates with her grandchildren by using her cell phone to send text messages.