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Welcome to iGrow.org

iGrow is the teaching platform used by SDSU Extension to assure state of the art program delivery.

Each week, SDSU Extension staff and partners publish the latest information to the communities within 4-H & Youth, Livestock, Agronomy, Healthy Families, Community Development and Gardens. View the Our Experts page to access staff contact information, biographies and links to their most recent content. 

About SDSU Extension

SDSU Extension is the indispensible outreach link to people growing South Dakota’s, and the nation’s, future by providing solutions and creating opportunities. We foster learning communities that empower citizens to advocate for sustainable change and strengthen agriculture, natural resources, youth, families and communities.

For more than a century, South Dakotans have depended upon SDSU Extension for unbiased, research-based information. As the outreach arm of our state’s Land Grant, South Dakota State University, SDSU Extension is able to provide South Dakotan farmers, ranchers, agri-business people, families and youth with research-based information they need to succeed. 

SDSU Extension has evolved to meet the changing needs of South Dakotans with progressive outreach services which range from one-on-one interaction and forums to 24/7 online access through iGrow.org.

Annual Report

"As extension in the United States moves into its second century, certainly its mode of operation has changed. But its core values and positive impact remain the same. SDSU Extension, diffusing information and technology through self-determined learning communities and the unbiased science-based information on iGrow, will help South Dakotans achieve their potential in the areas of agriculture and natural resource management, community development, food and families, personal nutrition and health, and 4-H and youth development. It’s what we do." Barry H. Dunn

The 2015 SDSU Extension Annual Report includes:

  • Contours Program Launched
  • Local Momentum
  • Spotlight on Soil Health
  • Exploring a Range of Options
  • Profiles in Leadership: Our Mission Continues...
  • Encouraging Animal Well-Being
  • Wellness Wisdom
  • Support For Youth
  • Serving South Dakotans
  • Taking Action
  • Statewide Highlights & Happenings
  • Tactics For Transitions
  • Alum Reflects: Dawn Frank
  • SDSU Extension Directory
  • A Message From The SDSU Foundation


SDSU Extension focuses on market-driven, quality programs with lasting impact. Key program impacts are featured in the 2014-2015 report: Making An Impact.  

Benchmark Survey

A third-party marketing firm surveyed 400 crop and livestock producers, selected at random from the more than 10,000 throughout the state. The SDSU Extension Benchmark Survey discovered that not only is SDSU Extension meeting the land-grant mission, but changes made to the delivery system through the reorganization were in-line with the evolving needs of South Dakota’s agriculture producers.

Not short and sweet, the producers questioned for this survey spent about 20 minutes on the phone discussing what they thought of SDSU Extension, where they go for information to improve their operations and ways SDSU Extension can better meet their needs. 

Civil Rights Training

Clubs, volunteers, and other organizations are a valuable asset to SDSU Extension and by association are considered an arm of Extension. Anyone associated with SDSU Extension must adhere to all SDSU civil rights policies. As part of its commitment to civil rights policies, SDSU Extension provides civil rights training to all clubs, volunteers, and other organizations.