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Wet conditions during the jointing period of small grain development prevented some fields from getting their weed control done in time, which could make harvesting a real challenge. There are some pre-harvest treatments available; however, spraying too early could cause a significant yield reduction.

Glyphosate (Roundup) is not to be applied to small grain until the grain is down to 30 percent moisture. Also, it cannot be used on grain for seed production as germination may be affected. 2,4-D can also be used after hard dough; however, the straw cannot be used for feed. Other products, like dicamba, can be used but not on oats. Other products available include Ally, Aim, and Valor, but they also have some use restrictions.

In all cases make sure to read the label and follow all restrictions to preserve yield and prevent illegal residues in the crop or straw. For more information, consult the 2016 South Dakota Pest Management Guide: Wheat, contact your regional agronomist, or Paul O. Johnson 605.688.4591.

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