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What do Hand, Jerauld, Beadle, Kingsbury, Clark, and Spink counties have in common? They don’t know, but they are seeking the answer by participating in the USDA Stronger Economies Together (SET) program. They have named themselves the James River Valley region. Haakon, Jackson and eastern Pennington counties compose a SET region called Badlands/Bad River region.

In a recent meeting with the James River Valley SET region, one participant emphasized the importance of coming together as a region to simply get to know one another’s communities. At the beginning of each meeting the host community has the opportunity to share about their community. In a recent meeting, the information that was shared led to an invitation to be another community club’s speaker.

The networking at regional meetings is beneficial. However, these groups are working toward creating high quality regional economic development plans. The plans and their implementation will impact their communities and ones nearby. The plan will be thoroughly researched and supported with the best economic data from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Labor Market Information Center in Aberdeen. By working regionally these counties will be able to do more together than they can do separately.

If you would like to get involved in regional economic planning within these regions, please contact SDSU Extension Community Vitality and we can give you the information.

The SDSU Extension community vitality team is ready to help you make your place a better South Dakota Great Place. Please contact us.

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