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    South Dakota Master Gardener Association

    The South Dakota Master Gardener (SDMG) Association is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide assistance to SDSU Extension in carrying out their basic mission to disseminate research-based information on ornamental horticulture and gardening to the general public by coordinating the activities of its member Master Gardeners in fulfilling their obligated hours of assistance to SDSU Extension

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    Best of the Trial Plants at McCrory Gardens for 2016

    We have been trialing ornamental plants at McCrory Gardens for many years. I have been working primarily with the annual trials, including plants from the National Plant Trials Database, and All-American Selections trials programs. This year we had 105 different kinds of plants in the annuals trials but some were grown in different conditions for a total of 122 trials.

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    McCrory Gardens “Best of the Trials” for 2015

    McCrory Gardens has been an All-American Selections (AAS) Trial and Display Garden for many years and David Graper has been the judge there for 13 years now. Besides the 14 AAS trial plants and their comparisons, the 2015 trials featured plants from several other major plant breeding and selection companies. Altogether we had 101 trial plants through that program plus some additional plants that we trialed from Ball Seed, Ball FloraPlant™, Ball Ingenuity, Pan American Seed and Proven Winners®.

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    Gold Star Badge Nominations Sought

    The gold star badge may be awarded to any current, participating Master Gardener. Earlier graduates will be considered first in recognition for their efforts in implementing and initializing the master gardener program in SD. but chronological order is not mandatory.  Please submit your nominations for Gold Star Badge Recipients no later than July 30, 2015 to David Graper or LeAnn Feuillerat.

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    Master Gardeners Work to Enhance Lifelight Festival Grounds

    The LifeLight Festival Grounds Garden near Worthing, S.D. is starting its third year as a Master Gardener Project. Many individual gardens surround a pond. It is a very beautiful and tranquil place. Not only is it beautiful during the festival on Labor Day weekend but during the summer for company and club picnics. The gardens have also been used as backdrops for senior pictures, baptisms, club meetings and tours. This is the first year to be on the Minnehaha Master Gardener Tour of Gardens. We received the largest SD Master Gardener grant last year.

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    SDSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Reporting System

    The new volunteer reporting system for SDSU Extension Master Gardeners is under development and will be launched in the spring of 2017. This web-application will allow SDSU Extension’s Master Gardeners the ability to add their volunteer hours and training activities through the means of an on-line interface which can be accessed by the state's Master Gardener program administrators.

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