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Women in Agriculture Encouraged to Sign Up for Sioux Falls Annie’s Project by Oct. 15, 2018

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BROOKINGS, S.D. - If you're a woman involved in the agriculture industry, then SDSU Extension's Annie's Project may be the program for you. A class will begin October 22 in Sioux Falls.

WEED Project booth at the 2018 S.D. State Fair

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BROOKINGS, S.D. - Growers will have an opportunity to vote whether or not Wormwood sage should be considered a noxious weed during the 2018 South Dakota State Fair, held in Huron Aug. 30-Sept. 3. The straw poll vote will take place at the SDSU Extension SDSU WEED Project booth. Recommendations from this polling will be passed along with recommendations to the S.D. Weed Commission.

Register Today for Livestock Environmental Training Workshop

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BROOKINGS, S.D. - South Dakotans have an opportunity to fulfill a permitting requirement for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) by attending the Livestock Environmental Training Workshop hosted by SDSU Extension and partners in Huron at the Crossroads Convention Center (100 Fourth St. S.W.) August 29, 2018.

SDSU Extension Dakotafest 2018 Forums

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BROOKINGS, S.D. - SDSU Extension staff are hosting several informative forums during Dakotafest 2018. Held August 21-23 on the Schlaffman Farm in Mitchell (2300 E Spruce Street) inside booth #600.